The Level Up Times takes a lot to keep it running. With website domain and hosting costs, as well as expenses, it can be a struggle to keep it running. If you have a couple of extra dollars to spare and want to help us out, please do so by donating to us. We can't offer much, but if you e-mail us at with your donation receipt number from PayPal, we can sort some sort of gift or reward out and keep you happy as a special thanks for helping us out. We'll never make you Donate to use the site's basic features as that's not the way we look at things over here at The Level Up Times, but down the track donating can give you special rewards as we implement our "Secret" community website that will launch Late December/Early January. Donating now will give you an advantage when we launch our upcoming site. If you can help us out, just click the donate button below:


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