Scribblenauts Unlimited Delayed Till 2013 in EU/UK Territories, Not in Australia/New Zealand
By Adrian On 21 Nov, 2012 At 12:04 PM | Categorized As Feature, News, Nintendo DS/3DS, PC, Wii U | With 2 Comments

    A strange delay means that ANZ territories get the game, while European ones will have to wait till next year.

An interesting post on gaming message board NeoGAF surfaced by an employee of 5th Cell, developers on the Wii U, 3DS, and PC game Scribblenauts Unlimited stating that the game would not be coming to any region outside of the United States until 2013.

But after talking to an Australian representative for Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, publishers of the game, I was reassured that the game would indeed be coming out in the ANZ territory:

"It will be launching in Australia as planned, 28th Nov."

When asked why the post outed the game as being delayed in all territories outside of the US, I got this reply:

"They stated UK/EU. Australia doesn’t fit into either for those!"

However, the Steam store for Australian customers is coming up with a "This item is currently unavailable in your region" error message. It is no longer on the Store any more.

When I questioned the WBIE spokesperson about this particular anomaly, the response was: "We are working on having Steam available at Launch in Australia in line with the other SKUs."

So, if you're in Australia or New Zealand, relax, the game will be out on the 28th of November. If you're in any European territories? Bad luck.

Why the delay happened in the first place is most certainly confusing, but we'll keep on the story and will update if anything develops for our European readers.

  • http://twitter.com/stowball Matt Stow

    Why is it being released 2 days before the Wii U?

    • http://www.leveluptimes.com Adrian

      A lot of games are being released days before the Wii U to get the software out of the way and make things easiers on retailers, distributors, and everyone in between.

    • Michael

      Because there’s a PC version.

      • http://www.leveluptimes.com Adrian

        Specifically for this game? Sure, but in general a bunch of Wii U games are getting released before the console’s release.

  • Josh

    is it comming out in the uk then

    • http://www.leveluptimes.com Adrian

      Hi Josh,

      Not until 2013 for the UK.

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